Fall Festival

Fall Festival is a Halloween alternative. It provides a safe environment for children to have a lot of fun and enjoy games, prizes, a bounce house, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs and a soda. Moms and Dads love it too! There is no admission charge! We won't even be asking for donations! All of the games and prizes are free. There is only a small charge for Hot Dogs and Soda. The rest of the food is free as well.
It should be clear by now that this is not a "Fundraiser" festival. This is a ministry that we provide as a service to our community. As children go door to door seeking candy from strangers, as they knock on doors of houses laden with witches, gremlins, ghosts and skeletons, they are surrounded by things that, quite frankly, we don't believe are beneficial for children or adults. Here, instead, you will see all of the fun without all the goulish trappings. In fact, you'll find our parking lot as brightly lit as we can make it, encouraging a wholesome atmosphere for all.
This is a non-costume event. While we do not turn away people in costume, we discourage costumes of all types. All of our workers will be costume free and identified with an ID tag. So save the costume money for something your family can enjoy together. Spend the evening with us! You'll be glad you did (and so will we)!